British Mark ''A'' Tank

  • World War I
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By Crusader1307

Developed in 1917, The Mark A Tank was designed to be able to operate with both Horse Cavalry (still in use on the battlefield), and be able to traverse enemy trenches. Smaller than the other British Mark Series of Tanks, it was nicknamed "The Crusher". Unique for it's independent steering, this steering method made The Mark A difficult to steer over the Rocky terrain it wad needed to travel over. Great strides were made to upgrade and renovate the Tank. Originally capable of 8 mph, it weighed 14 tons. Installed with a primary .303 Lewis Machine Gun, thus was mounted in a Turret with full rotational abilities. 200 of these Models were produced. Strangely, in 1918 - The Mark A was redesigned with a fixed Turret, no longer rotational. Thus was to accommodate 4 domed-Turret mounts for the 14mm Hotchkiss Cannon. In addition, The Mark A's speed was increased to an incredible 30 mph. Weights were stable at 2 tons and the vehicle could accommodate 4 crewmen. Over 200 were eventually produced by The War's end.