British Irish Guard

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By Crusader1307

Relatively “new” with regards to age, The Irish Guard were founded under commission of Queen Victoria. She wished to commemorate Loyalist Irish participation in The Boer War, and raised a Guard Regiment (similar to The Scots, Coldstream and Grenadiers). As 4th in “Line”, The Irish Guards served heavily in World War I. They fought at The Somme, Ypres and in The Marne. The Irish Guards suffered heavily casualties in these engagements. Total, they lost over 2,300 Officers and Men. The Guards earned over 400 Victoria Crosses for Valor and Heroism under fire. The Irish Guard was almost disbanded in the 1920s, but this did not come about. Instead, The Irish Guard was sent into Turkey, Palestine and Egypt (for a time). In World War II, The Irish Guard participated in many North African Campaigns, and amassed over 300 Decorations for Bravery and Valor (including 2 additional Victorian Crosses).

They heavily participated in “The Cold War” - and saw Garrisoning duties in Germany. Later sent to Ireland for “Peace Keeping”, they too have served in several modern Middle Eastern Conflicts. They also wear The Scarlet and Black uniform with Bearskin. Their Button “spacing” is in “4s”. Their Plum is a Blue Feather (The Color of St. Patrick), worn on the left side of The Bearskin. Their insignia is a Silver “Sunburst” with their Crest featuring a The Red Cross of St. Patrick. Placed over this is a Green Shamrock with 3 Golden Crowns (to denote their loyalty to The Crown). Their Motto is “Who Shall Separate Us?”