British Indian Mutiny Service Medal

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By Crusader1307

The ''Indian Mutiny'' Medal was an Award given to The British Army for those Officers and Enlisted Men who served during The Sepoy Indian Mutiny (India, 1857-1858). It was also made available to those Colonial Native Units who supported The British Military effort. It was first made available under authority of Queen Victoria of England in 1858 (after The Mutiny). Close to 300,000 such Medals were given.


A Silver colored circular Device, The Front of The Medal bore the profile of Queen Victoria, with Her Title in Latin (surrounding Her Profile). The Reverse showed the image of Britannia in ''warlike'' pose. The word ''INDIA'' and ''1857-1858'' was added. The Actual Ribbon was a series of (3) White Stripes with (2) Red. Additional Campaign Claps (of Silver), could be added if The Awardee served.