British Enfield Model 1853 .58 Caliber Musketoon

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By Crusader1307

A variant on the Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle, The Musketoon was a Carbine-Class of firearm, popular with The British Army in the mid-19th Century. A commonly seen issue with the highly exported Enfield Series, was accidental discharge. This was dangerous, especially when used in massed fire or Volley. The shorter barrel of The Musketoon made it a much more reliable weapon. Capable of being fitted with a Bayonet, The Pattern 1861 was also popular with Dragoon Regiments for it's ease and control of fire. It was a rifled barrel capable of using the them popular French Minie Ball (.58 Caliber lead shot). It was highly accurate up to 500-yards. It was a percussion (cap) ignition system. Only 24-inches in barrel length attached to a 3-foot wooden stock, The Pattern 1861 was a popular early export to The American Confederate Army during The Civil War of 1861. Later, when The Imperial Japanese Army decided to modernize, it imported over 5,000 such rifles for use.