British de Havilland ''Firestreak'' AA Missile

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

The de Havilland ''Firestreak'' was a British Air to Air Missile widely deployed with various Fighter Aircraft during The Cold War. Girst deployed in 1957, this Class of Missile would remain in use until removed (age) in 1988. Most were sold to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait (Air Forces). The ''Firestreak'' was based on The US ''Sidewinder'' and ''Falcon'' Missile of similar usage. Both The Royal Navy and Air Force deployed The ''Firestreak''. Weighing 300-lbs, The ''Firestreak'' was 10-feet in length with an 8-inch diameter. The actual Warhead was 50-lbs of fragmentation explosive. A solid fueled, motor with proximity fusing, The ''Firestreak'' could travel at 1,200-mph at up to 4-miles.