British ''Courageous'' - Class Battleship

  • World War I
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By Crusader1307

The British “Courageous” - Class of Battleships were designed for use in World War I, by The Royal Navy – in 1915. Close to 20,000 tons (displaced), These vessels were close to 800 feet in length and stood 80 feet tall (beam). Powered by 18 small tube boilers, (to turn 4 shaft driven propellers), The Courageous-Class Battleships were capable of 40 miles per hour. Crewed by close to 900 Men and Officers, they were armed with 12 varying caliber cannon and small arms. They were the “workhorse” of The British Navy during World War I. This Class of Warship participated in many sea battles. The Courageous-Class of ships were originally commissioned as 4 built ships. After The War (1922), The Courageous-Class of ships would be converted into England's first Aircraft Carriers (lasting until 1937).