British ''Bunker Hill'' Battle Flag

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

As we have previously read, American Painter (and former Colonial Soldier) John Trumbull, was noted for his accurate paintings of The American Revolution. As we have seen with the story of "The Trumbull Flag", the tale of The British Bunker Hill Flag, is likewise hotly debated by Historians. Said to have been used at The Battle of Bunker Hill  (1775), this was one of the first major land engagements between British and Colonial Forces.


Trumbull was present at the engagement. As The British Forces advanced on American positions on Bunker and Breed Hill, it was said that this Flag was in the front ranks. Said to resemble The British Red Ensign, the Field wad Red in it's entirety. In the Upper Left Canton, which was a Field of White, was a Blue St. Andrews Cross  (Saltire). Over this was placed a Red Cross of St. George. This was reminiscent of The Flag of Scotland at the time.


It was claimed that this Flag was carried by Royal Marines (present in the assault). Another theory, was that it was related to The Scots Guards (who were not deployed). Some Historians link the Colors to a type of Regimental or Unit Flag. However, none can be found with thus design. Perhaps Trumbull applied "artistic license" to these Colors. The Bunker Hill Flag will continue to be a mystery of History.