British ''Boy'' 14.3mm Anti-Tank Rifle

  • World War II
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

Manufactored by The British Royal Small Arms Factory - from a design by British Army Officer Captain HC Boy in 1937, The "Boys" Hun was an Anti-Tank weapon. Not a Crew Service weapon, The 14.3mm could be deployed with a single Soldier. Weighing 35-pounds and slightly over 5-feet long, The "Boy" (also jokingly referred to as The "Elephant" Gun), used a 5-round ammunition clip. It was capable of firing 10-rounds per minute. The 14.3mm had a 500-yard maximum effective range and could penetration up to 7-inches of Armor Plate. The "Boy" was very effective in The North Africa Campaign of 1942 against German General Irwin Rommel's Afrika Corps. Despite it's success, The 14.3mm was discontinued from deployment due to innovations in hand-held Anti-Tank warfare. However, Models were still used by Soviet and Finnish Militaries until the end of World War II.