British BL 6-inch 26cwt Howitzer

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By Crusader1307

The British BL 6-inch 26cwt Howitzer was a long serving Field Artillery piece used by The British Army in both World War I and II (1915-1945). A towed piece, The 26cwt was developed to replace aging and ineffective artillery pieces from the end of the 19th Century. The 26cwt was seen as being a counter to various models of Imperial German Guns being used in support of the Trench warfare of World War I. The 26cwt was seen by some Historians as one of Britain's most important assets of World War I – and it is determined that over 22 million artillery shells were fired during that conflict.


During World War II, many BL 6-inch Guns saw duty in The North African Campaign (1942 onward). The Gun was retired in 1945 with the end of The War. The 26 cwt weighed over 8,000-lbs. And was slightly over 20-feet (barrel length). Crewed by (10), The 26 cwt used a wide variety of ammunition (High Explosive, Incendiary etc). A typical shell for The BL 6-inch was between 80 and 100-lbs. Maximum effective range was rated to over 11,000-yards.