British A-34 ''Comet'' Tank

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The British A-34 ''Comet'' Tank was developed and produced late in World War II (1944). It was deployed in time to participate in the March into Berlin, Germany. The ''Comet'' was the replacement to The ''Cromwell'' Tank. Superior firepower and armor plating made The ''Comet'' the equal match to Germany's ''Panther'' Tank. Over 1,800 Models were produced, mithe The Class remaining in service with The British Army through The Korean Conflict (1950-1953). Retired in 1958, many ''Comet's'' were sold to other Nations (of which some were still reported in use by 1980).


At 33-tons, The A-34 was 25-feet long with a width of 10-feet. They stood 9-feet high and were crewed by (5). Dual Tracked, they were powered by a single Rolls-Royce Meteor V12 (650-HP). Their maximum speed was 33-mph. Armor plating was rated at 1 to 4-inches throughout. The Main Gun, a 77mm – had a maximum effective range of 2,000-yards and was supported by Twin 7.62mm Besa Machine Guns.