British 1914 Star Medal

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By Crusader1307

The British 1914 Star (or simply ''The Star''), was an early Military award of The British Armed Forces, who were in-service at the start of World War I (1914), until The First Battle of Ypres (Belgium, that same year). Over 370,000 such Medals were issued to primarily The British Army. Later, those Units in support (Royal Flying Corps. and Royal Navy), were also authorized wear. Often confused with The 1915 Star, if a Serviceman earned that different Medal – only one could be worn with the uniform at any given time.


The Medal was a 4-Pointed Bronze Star device with was surmounted by The Royal Crown. The Front bore Twin Crossed Swords over a Wreath of Glory. The Reverse of The Medal was plain and was often engraved (at The soldiers expense), citing the year and particular location He fought. The Ribbon was cloth and featured (3) Horizontal Stripes – Red, White and Blue.