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By Crusader1307

The “semi”-Mast component known as The Bowsprit, was an elongated wooden Spar (Pole). Mounted off the Bow (Front) of a Sailing Vessel. It was used to secure control Lines from it to The Foremast. By initiating a series of adjusted patterns, The Foremast Canvas arrangement could be manipulated for wind control.
The Bowsprit was initially designed to provide additional support for The Foremast in the even of severe weather (breaking of The Mast). By “tilting” The Bowsprit a more stable or taunt pressure could be applied. The Bowsprit became a highly recognizable component of Ship building design by the 17th Century. Smaller Ship Types used Bowsprits, but these were less intricate with regards to the need for multiple support Lines. Often only 2 such Lines were needed, due to the less complex Canvas patterns required.