Banner of St. Cuthbert

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By Crusader1307

The Banner of St. Cuthbert was a religious Processional Banner (born for Mass during The Saint's Feast Day). It was first mentioned in 1138 AD. During The Battle of The Standards (1138), The Banner was born before the Troops of Edward I. Claiming that as long as it flew before the Troops, they would be victorious. It was flown at The Battle of Falkirk, when Scottish rebel William Wallace was finally defeated and eventually captured. The last battle it was reported used in was Neville's Cross in 1346. From that point, the original Banner mysteriously disappeared – although many reproductions have been crated since the 16th Century.


Even with the oldest of these reproductions, it is still claimed that “Divine Intervention” is possible, when the Banner is carried before English Troops. The Banner is of The Gandolfone design (which hangs vertically).The Field is Red with a Squared White Center. A representation of The Cross that St. Cuthbert in life was placed in Red. A colored wreath encompasses the Field and Cross.