Australian CAC CA-4 ''Woomera'' SR Bomber Plane

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

Designed to be among the first of The Australian Air Forces ''Short Range'' and Carrier Based Bomber Aircraft, The CAC CA-4 ''Woomera'' was a short lived Project, first fielded in 1941. Seen as more managed than other types of the Class, The CA-4 suffered from take off issues – so serious, that future Models (other than the 2 Prototypes), were not re-designed to correct errors. The Australian Air Force went with US Contractors to supply it's short range Bombing Missions.


Crewing (3), The ''Woomera'' was 40-feet long with a wingspan of 60-feet. Power came from Twin Pratt & Whitney Wasp Engines (14-cylinders), each capable of producing 1,200-HP. Speed was rated to 280-mph. The CA-4 had an Operational Ceiling of 24,000-feet and a Mission range of over 2,000-miles. Designed to be ''heavily'' armed, The ''Woomera'' supported Twin .303 Machine Guns, Twin 20mm Cannon, (4) .303 Machine Guns (Rear Mounted and remotely controlled) and the ability to deploy various packages of either Bombs or Torpedoes, totaling 3,000-lbs.