• Heraldry
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By Crusader1307

The term “Attitude” in relation to Heraldry, means the positioning of any placed “Mythical Beasts, Creatures or Animals”. The positioning – or Attitude is very important with regards to what “message” is trying to be portrayed. There are 7 recognized “Attitudes”:

  1. Dormat – A Beast reclining, head down.

  2. Crouchant – A Beast reclining, with it's head up and alert.

  3. Passant – A Beast in forward movement – normally with one front leg extended.

  4. Sejant – A Beast sitting erect on it's haunches.

  5. Statant – A Beast standing erect, chest out and head up.

  6. Salient – A Beast standing erect, leaping forward with BOTH rear legs together.

  7. Rampant – A Beast standing erect, with all legs extended forward.

Several examples of implied traits for the intended Nobility would be, Truthfulness, Honor, Alertness, Piety and Vigilance.