Armorial Dress

  • Heraldry
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By Crusader1307

This term applies to the style of clothing seen and depicted on Effigies used on Coats of Arms (mostly withing a Tomb). In the case of a Nobleman who was a Knight, his Shield would be placed either on top of his chest (but not to obscure his face), at his mid-section (waist to toe covered). His Coat of Arms would be engraved (and even painted) onto this. In cases where the Nobleman was NOT a Knight, he would be dressed reflecting the style of a “Gentleman” of his Era. However, his front “Surcoat” or related Outer garment would be engraved or painted to resemble the basic design and colors of his Coat of Arms. In cases of Noblewomen,the lower front portion of their Dressing Gown (or related Outer piece), was engraved or paint in either their husbands Arms (or their own, if they had any.)