American Republican Party

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By Crusader1307

The American Republican Party (not to be confused with the modern US Republican Party), was a Political Activist Party founded in New York City and Philadelphia in 1843. Hoping for a chance to illicit enough National response to become a major contender as a rival to more established American Political Parties of the Era, The American Republicans would be considered by today's standards as an Extremist or ''Far Left'' Organization. Their primary belief was that America needed to be ''protected'' from the onslaught of heavy Catholic and Immigrant migrations into The United States at the time. These migration waves were spurned by religious persecution, famine and wars in Europe.


Unafraid to enforce their views with aggression and violence, several large Urban Riots were spurred by The American Republicans in the mid to late 1840s.So pervasive in most cases, that State Militias were used to maintain the peace. As many as 100 casualties are credited to these acts of civil disobedience.


Their platform for a potential Presidential Candidate, was to create a Constitutional mandate for a 21-year waiting period for US Citizenship. The same mandate would allow for immediate expulsion for any crime committed withing The United States, to include minor offensives. However, without any support from ''like thinkers'' in Congress – coupled with the National interest in the pending issues which would lead America into The Mexican War of 1846-1848, would find many of The American Republican Party supporters and members leaving for other ideologies. It disbanded in 1847.