American Delaware Militia Flag

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

Within 1 month of being formed, the “new” Continental Army of General George Washington was embroiled in The Battle of Brooklyn Heights (1776). Outnumbered and running low on munitions, Washington had to abandon his positions and retreat to New Jersey. The British Forces (highly trained and motivated) – pursued. It seemed that the entire “Washington Army”” could be captured. However, were it not for the brave Patriots of The Delaware Militia, they would have been. The Militia formed a rear-guard against The British and brought enough time for the remainder of Washington's to escape. Their Colors were a simple Green Field (in entirety). In the upper Left Canton, was a series of 13-Red and White Stripes (representing the embattled Colonies). A small Gold fringing was placed at the far right end of the Fly.