American 11th Virginia Regiment Flag

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

Created and raised by Daniel Morgan of the famed Morgan Rifle Company, The 11th Virginia regiment was a traditional Infantry Regiment. They were raised in 1777, and consisted of (6) Companies. Morgan used a particular unusual method of recruitment for The 11th. Much as with his ''Crack Shots'' of His Rifle Company. Morgan had a printed picture of a British Officer (many citing it was actually an image of The King of England). A recruit had to ''hit'' the target from roughly 50-yards to be included.


The 11th would fight in many southern Battles. They would be disbanded from ''Federal Service'' in 1783, but remained ''active'' as a Militia. They helped put down The Whiskey Rebellion on 1794. Their Flag was very similar to Morgan's Rifle Company. It was a Tan Field with a stylized Banneroll centered. The Regiments Numerical identifier was placed in the Top Banner. As was common, The County from which The Regiment recruited from was embroidered in to the Bottom Banner. Above both Banners was the embroidered number ''1776'' (the year of America's declared Independence).