The Ghost of Lady Greensleeves

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 Located near Perth, Scotland, ''Huntingtower Castle'' probably wasn't a full defensive Castle Structure. It was primarily a pair of 3-story tall Stone Keeps, joined by a Bridge. Similar to a Bawn House in some regards, construction was began around the 15th Century AD. Owned once by The Gowrie Clan, they fell into disgrace when one of their Nobles was implicated in a Plot against King James IV (to assassinate Him). The Castle and lands were later seized by The Crown. Given to The English Aristocracy in the 1600s, it would remain as such until 2002. Which brings us to ''Lady Greensleeves'', Huntingtower's only ''long term'' Resident.

There are two versions of this ''Haunt''. The first states that The Earl of Gowrie had a Daughter named Dorthea. Raised to be intelligent and a ''proper Noble's Wife'', Dorthea had other ambitions. She fell in love with a Servant's Son. Anticipating no end of disgrace, Her Mother (The Countess), planned to ''catch Her in The Act'' (one of Dorthea's nightly ''encounters''). Dorthea, ever the watchful, heard Her Mother coming up to the Servant's Quarters (then in a now non-existent Tower), and. scrambled onto a ledge out the window. She tried to jump from roof side to roof side and fell to Her death. The other version is that Dorthea made the death defying stunt and made it back top Her own bed. She and The Servant's Son would elope, with no one ever finding their whereabouts. This caused great pains to Her Mother, who ''cursed'' Her. Since (which ever version you like), ''Dorthea'' is commonly ''seen'' (or felt), wandering the Upper Floors and Roof Tops of Huntingtower. ''Seen'' on occasion wearing a Green Bilat-Style Dress, She is cursed to do Penance for either Deed done.