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By Crusader1307

Seen in many South American Legends and Myths ''Patasola'' is a rather Evil Being. It lives in The Jungles and has a most unique method of trapping and killing it's prey namely Human Males. Often Hunters away from their Wives and Girlfriends would let their min wander and begin to think of them. The Patasola (if near), will transform into the image of the loved One. After luring The Hunter into the Jungle, ''It'' reveals it true form that of a ''Tall and gaunt female with a shriveled leg (or sometimes one that has been cut off)''. She produces a mouth full of fangs and proceeds to consume Her victim. One origin story, states that Patasola was once a beautiful Woman who seduces Men away from their Mates. As punishment, Her leg was either mutilated (or again cut off). At any rate, She was left to die in the Jungle of infection. Her Evil Spirit returned to Earth and is keeping up with Her former ''Earthly passions''. The best way to avoid The Parasola is to NOT think of Women on your Hunt!