The Mamluk Siege of Acre, 1291

30th Jul 2020
Stronghold Crusader
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v1.4.1 HD
4th Oct 2020 16:22
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By artofmath

Relive the 1291 siege of Acre, playing as the Mamluk Sultanate, the attacker in this map. Acre (modern Akko) was a important port & trading city in the Crusader states. Destroying Acre would erase the last vestige of Crusader presence from the mainland Levant.



29th Sep 2020

I tried to load the map with v1.1 but it doesn'T work, i ll play it in v1.41 then i suppose?

4th Oct 2020

Yeah, I made it with 1.4.1

4th Oct 2020

I played the map now :D
It is a a great natural design! But i would have loved if you would have given the AI a bit more starting gold or let the game play out a bit longer ,so that it would have been more of a challenge, while here you need to wait quite some time to give the AI a good start!

6th Oct 2020

Well I didn't want to make it too hard... If I let the two wolfs finish their castle, their first invasion force would already be ready to roll. And between the two wolfs that can add up to something like 150 troops, which might wipe out the player if they're caught off guard...

8th Oct 2020

i feel like you could have at lest given them a bit of an ahead start, because when i play this map serious, then i am just wiping the floor with the wolfs right from the start, coming in with ranged harassment units like fireballistae right away.

EDIT: I would love to see you include a version that is in your eyes 'hard to beat' in the upload, just so there is more to it :)

[Edited by Krarilotus on 8th Oct 2020 11:29:22]

8th Dec 2020

The whole idea behind the scenario was incredible. The detail you spent on creating the castle was just beyond words. And the idea of having two Wolf Castles worked ingeniously, because they fit so well together.

It meant you couldn't just rush with Horse Archers at the start and try to take out the Wolf (as I tried at first :classic_biggrin:) because there were additional reinforcements on the other Keep. I have to say that the landscaping on this one was pretty incredible too.

It was really nice and open and allowed large space for building. It was a very free playing scenario, and there was no right or wrong way to do it. The choice it gave you was really nice.

I also liked the limited oasis, and the fact the stone/iron was so far away from the player which meant you had to work for it in order to get it. Moving onto the actual castle, the defences were well placed as well.

The Fire Ballistae worked very well in repelling attacks and did just enough damage so you couldn't run right up to the wall straight away. Honestly the building placement is just superb, and if there was one map I'd describe as perfectly laid out, it's this one without a doubt.