Mediterranean 1

3rd Aug 2015
Stronghold 2
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By Lord_Chris

This map is created from a randomly generated script on Empires Dawn of the Modern World.

Look out for more maps coming in the near future, of different types too ;)

27th Mar 2016

Very interesting, I haven't noticed this map before. Of course, the most interesting thing about the map is the way how it was created.

On the other hand, I must add - choosing between what Firefly gave us in their Stronghold games (great map editors) and random map scripts, I think we would thousand times choose those map editors. Of course, when it comes to one user, with these they would get plenty of maps easily, but as we are able to download lots of interesting maps from communities such as this one, anyone can have more than hundred interesting maps on his machine. :)

28th Mar 2016

That is true - but there will probably become a time when people stop uploading maps as much as they are now, and when that happens a lot of the fun will have gone.

And of course, creating one map takes an awful lot of time. The way I see it, having functionality for a random map would make it much more interesting and add more variety of maps while not taking up a lot of time. My suggestion is to just include a random map script with the game, not replace the maps feature. Perhaps in the future if I gain more knowledge of how maps are structured in Stronghold 2 (and presuming Firefly don't make one themselves), I could attempt to create a random script myself.

Also, I have another map randomly generated here called Coastal 1, if you're interested. :)

28th Mar 2016

Just few days ago I was checking all kingmaker maps I have, and I deleted all those that I wouldn't play. Now I have 115 maps which are all interesting.

Another thing is that, in my opinion, as long as there are Stronghold 2 players, there will be Stronghold 2 map makers. The only point which would be bad is if there comes a point that those great map makers stop visiting forums such as this one, and then they wouldn't be able to learn from someone. Luckily, that's what articles are for. :)

Also - what makes a map interesting is our creativity. It's not just about skills for making nice landscapes. Although such a generator could provide us large number of maps, those maps would fit into several classes which we would by the time recognize, and there wouldn't be much difference between this "plains" map and this "plains" map.

And I must say that you can create a good looking map in two hours I'd say. Only before that one needs to have an idea about what he wants to make. For example, let's see my latest map. I got an idea, and I draw it on a paper - with cliffs and rivers. Then I first made estates - because I wanted the map to be symmetrical, then those borders served me as markers where I would want to place the rives. Then I added hills, though I'm unsure what I did first among those two. It didn't matter on this map. Then I put some stone and iron mines, I made the landscape around those. I placed the forest (which is done pretty fast, only there's a lot of clicking), and then I edited the terrain. For that I mixed three types of terrain, I was putting it mostly randomly, but I was putting more dirt before bridges, around the estate flags, and there where I expected units would travel more often. Then I added the grass as well with some shrubs.

Of course, your idea also have potential. I should say that your maps are in the same class as those Firefly originally gave us, which is a stunning result for me. :)I am sure that with some more work on this one could get maps that are really good - with better tree placement, with better terrain (mixing several types of terrain can give great results) and grass being placed along with those shrubs. Also, it could add some vegetation on marches, stone and iron... It would look pretty good, and it could be functional.

I have seen that other map as well - that's even more impressive result.

By the way, if you wanted, when you have an idea, you could draw a minimap of your idea, and say someone to make a map from it. I could do it. :) Also, you can make a map as you normally would - without too much landscaping, and someone could edit it a little bit more, and make an eyecandy from it. :)

Damn, I wrote "War and Peace" here... :D