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  1. That's right! Indeed, now when I was reading more about it, I realized it was much more cruel technique than I had imagined it before. As it was described in the case of Bessus, the intention was not a quick death for the victim. Thank YOU for your service!😎
  2. Interesting articles, as always.🙂 I have a comment about tree pulling, which you mentioned was invented by Romans. I remember that I had read or heard that Bessus, who betrayed Darius III, was killing in the same or a similar way. I found an article about that story, although interestingly, they state themselves that it is not known for sure how Bessus was executed. The article Now, since you said tree pulling was invented by Romans, I guess it is more likely Bessus was executed in another way. Or, this may imply where Romans learned that.😁
  3. I have too much work these days, but I hope we will soon be able to play some games together.😎
  4. Indeed, Stronghold 1 does indeed have the perfect balance between military and economics - at least when it comes to patient players. I love how economic is fast enough for you to build a massive army during the game, and in the same time slow enough to cripple an enemy in a field battle. In Crusader players recover more easily, troops are more expandable. However, when it comes to AI lords, the same fact mentioned above would make skirmish games against computer less interesting. And so many players just want faster economy. Reminds me of Empire Earth multiplayer; I was stunned when I saw people playing the game in the fastest game speed possible, while I have always liked to play that game patiently throughout the ages (which can last for hours). Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  5. Welcome to the community, glad see you got your answers, and glad to see another Ex-Yu guy around! [emoji2] Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  6. I haven't tested it myself, but I think I read somewhere that some other mod can work with Steam version too, but if you copy all the files elsewhere, and then apply the mod into these files in the new folder - not the Steam one. The mod I'm referring to is Stronghold Europe or Stronghold Medieval England, and I just hope that trick could work with this mod as well. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  7. Now, I'm a bit late to this beautiful message, but thank you Crusader, and merry Christmas to you to! [emoji2] Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  8. Hey Nigel, thank you and merry Christmas to everybody.[emoji2][emoji319][emoji301] I guess we've been all working hard enough during the year, we've earned the right to relax now "a little bit"during holidays.[emoji16] Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  9. You got it right.😄 Indeed, although it is interesting to finally see in a non-Stronghold game troops being able to climb the walls, it cannot beat any Stronghold game in which you can setup your defenses in so many ways; by doing so in Stronghold, you do not simply get that extra resistance for troops on the walls, but you plan yourself how to protect your troops better and, of course, how to cripple the enemy better.😄 So much different, and let's not even start about other things. I would still prefer to spend some free time with Warlords than with AoE4 - even if I had AoE4 right now. Thank you Nigel! And indeed, working with students is fun. Too bad I never used the chance to make my grammar school students form a Stronghold Crusader clan, that would have been interesting to see.😄
  10. I agree, Stronghold Legends is a good example how Firefly made a game with factions. They could have used Game of Thrones as inspiration, though like you said, that TV show has ended years ago, and not to mentioned how they messed up the last several seasons, especially the final one. That's why I have a feeling that Game of Thrones is going to be soon forgotten. I mean, I expect it to be remembered as a TV show everybody watched at some moment. But I don't think it's going to be a show people will ever come back to re-watch. Exactly, Stronghold through time sounds interesting. They could make it start in the Early Middle Ages, and up until Renaissance - when strongholds still didn't differ much from those from Middle Ages. Thanks for the suggestions! Yes, I remember you mentioning it before, but now you reminded me.🙂 And yes, same with me with Stronghold Warlords, I still didn't use the chance to fully enjoy the new game.😄 Thank you for your sympathy. Now, it's been a year since your loss, but condolences for your family member loss too.
  11. It's similar for me. I used to think what a Stronghold game with different factions would look like - if those factions were made in a way more similar to Age of Empires, where one cannot use the best of each faction in a single game. Right now the game seems to be too much CPU demanding, so it is likely that I will have no choice but to wait until getting hands on a better CPU... Well, unfortunately, not everything was going smoothly with health in my family.😟 My grandmother had got covid in October, but she is fine now and getting better. She needed to be hospitalized, she was in the hospital for almost two weeks. So happy she's back on track now, being able to do basing stuff on her own now... The other thing is that my girlfriends father got diagnosed with cancer in July; we were struggling so hard to help him, the girlfriend was doing everything she could, but he passed away two weeks ago... I don't know how things are going in other countries, but it is really harsh here in Serbia, and it is extremely important to stay healthy - and avoid getting covid. Not just for covid itself, but because when somebody has any serious health issue, before admitting him into hospital, first thing they do is doing the covid test. And they are positive, they don't want to mix him with patients who are negative on covid, and thus they don't receive the proper treatment. As if they are admitted into hospital, being put together with other covid patients, and with their condition being monitored by doctors who treat covid and not their primary illness. Similar thing happened to my girlfriends father, who caught covid in the hospital. Anyway, things can be different in other countries, especially in the West, but surely covid makes things harder everywhere in the world. As for life as a Professor, I should soon become an Assistant Professor at my faculty. I should be signing the contract in the following weeks; fingers crossed! In the meantime, I've been mostly doing exercises with students and doing research, which are both very interesting to me. In the next semester, I should be able to give lectures on my own - to be "the professor".😊 But that's just some things that come after hard work and with "a little bit" of luck, but really, the most important thing is to stay healthy, especially these days with covid.
  12. Hey guys! Many of us have surely noticed Age of Empires 4 being released recently. Usually there would be less reason to talk about it here; however, it got my attention that walls in Age of Empires 4 are more useful than in any other Age of Empires game before considering that ranged units can be sent atop the walls. This way, those units on the wall should receive only 1/3 of the damage, if I'm not wrong. It's still far from any Stronghold game, though, but I thought it's something worth our attention.😁 Have any of you got the game? I still haven't, I plan to wait for a discount. Plus, I'm not sure how it is going to work with my Ryzen 3 CPU. Possibly, it won't work at all, but I would definitely give it a shot. How are you guys doing?
  13. That's cool! At first when I saw the picture you posted, I thought this was a screenshot from the game, but this is cool nevertheless. Though, knowing Firefly, it is possible that something like this appeared in the game too.😎
  14. This looks really good! Good work indeed! If I may notice, now Stronghold Crusader suddenly looks like Stronghold 3.[emoji41] Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  15. Thanks.[emoji4] Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
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