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  1. Indeed, it's great that things with Linux are getting better, easier to do, and more user-friendly.🙂
  2. That's great to hear about Linux and Stronghold games. Even though I expect one could also have Windows OS on another partition, and have all possible games installed there too. I mean, that might be a solution for somebody not as enthusiastic as you are, though many laptops come with only 256GB SSD's... So what you're telling is definitely something necessary. I remember myself being enthusiastic about Windows Phone and Windows mobile. That was a great time, until Microsoft have up on it. Everything is much easier to do with the OS that had the monopoly. Buuut, that could only boost you even more in doing what you want the way you want.[emoji1] Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  3. Welcome@Daerandin to the community! It's good to have you here! Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  4. ^ Reminds me of the song Camouflage! I think we mentioned the song earlier here, but here it goes again! I just love the story. Something one simply wishes it's true! Politics aside, they are indeed fighting back valiantly over there. (Such a contrast to fall of Afghanistan!) I hope the conflict ends soon so that the people suffer no more. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  5. Hi @ Daerandin , welcome to Stronghold Nation! I've made your links clickable. We have a WYSIWYG editor here, so we need to select the text, click the Link button from the toolbar, and then past the link in the designated textbox. Those are great news! I'm glad you found people to test it out, so you could share the better version with everybody right away! By the way, do you know if the testers from Steam face any issues? I remember the old Stronghold 2 AI Manager (the tool for AI in multiplayer) was getting detected as a Troyan, even though it wasn't that. Another thing that would be interesting to know is whether the AI in multiplayer acts as usually in singleplayer, or are there any differences? With the old AI Manager, when you fight against an AI in a multiplayer game, the AI would not be able to build siege engines. He was always missing something, I'm not sure, but I think he wouldn't build siege camps. And they weren't sending their attacks in waves, as they should, but they were sending their troops in columns. That way it was way much easier to defend against those AI's. We were writing here many times how it would be awesome for Firefly to introduce multiplayer to Stronghold 2. It's really a pity they've never done it. I was hoping so much they they would make it while they were working on the Steam Edition.
  6. This is not a rumour at all, it does heal the lord. You just can't order the apothecary to heal the lord, nor you can order the lord to visit apothecary to be healed. Just let the lord do his usual business in the castle, and he will visit the apothecary himself. Or herself, that too is possible of you changed the lord model, but that's a story for another day.[emoji38] Anyway, if you send your lord around to fight along with his men, then he can't do his civil duties, such as feasts. And when he does his civil duties, he will visit there pharmacy. Let us know if it still doesn't happen, but I remember this being one of the neat things from Stronghold 2, and I doubt Firefly would remove it in some patch - not intentionally, and not by an accident either... PS. Chris doesn't know any of this, his lord is usually chilling around while mine is trying to catch his breath.[emoji28] Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  7. Let's revive this tread! I visited Hungary again this weekend, so I have several new pictures to share from Szeged. Among other things, here, you may see the Heroes's Gate, which commemorates Hungarian soldiers from Szeged who died in WWI. However, those painted solders look too much angry to me, but I don't know, maybe that's because Hungary and Serbia were fighting each other back than.😄 According to this text (where one can see the statues and the frescoes more closely) it is the largest outdoor fresco in Europe. It was covered for more than 15 years after WWII. Right there is also a statue of Ferenc Rákóczi II, who led the war of independence against Hubsburgs, which took place from 1703 to 1711. That war is often mentioned as a jacquerie, a peasant rebellion, as most of the Hungarian nobility did not support Rákóczi's uprising. Dugonics Fountain Square, Szeged by gari, on Flickr Ungár Mayer Palota (Ungar-Mayer House) by gari, on Flickr Hősök kapuja (Heroes' Gate), Szeged by gari, on Flickr Kárász Street, Szeged by gari, on Flickr A traffic circle in Szeged by gari, on Flickr Reök Palace, Szeged by gari, on Flickr Szeged Sinagogue by gari, on Flickr Gutenberg Street, Szeged by gari, on Flickr
  8. Stronghold Warlords is on sale these days, it's 75% off! Which is great, I finally got a copy for myself.😄 I used to have only one copy of the game for the entire family, but now I shall finally be able to play it in multiplayer with others. Summer is ahead of us, so I expect I'm gonna have time.😎 Off topic. I finally got a background for my Steam profile - I picked Sir William.😁 And I got myself an avatar frame,😎 I must follow the trends.😄
  9. That is really great to hear! Congratulations on fine work, and thank you in the name of all those who will benefit from it![emoji2] Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  10. That's why I put my old PC with Windows 7 on it under my bed, I didn't throw it away just so I could play some of those good ol' games the old way!😁 And I know: virtual machines, and stuff like that, but this way I'm playing safe! Plus, the old PC is not old enough to be considered a garbage, I could use it for work too in case of need...
  11. So, players who own the GOG version of Crusader 2 cannot play with Steam players? If it's that so, I didn't know it, though it's still pretty much worth it to buy this DRM-free version of the game for plenty of reasons! Also please, write your posts in English.
  12. That's right! Indeed, now when I was reading more about it, I realized it was much more cruel technique than I had imagined it before. As it was described in the case of Bessus, the intention was not a quick death for the victim. Thank YOU for your service!😎
  13. Interesting articles, as always.🙂 I have a comment about tree pulling, which you mentioned was invented by Romans. I remember that I had read or heard that Bessus, who betrayed Darius III, was killing in the same or a similar way. I found an article about that story, although interestingly, they state themselves that it is not known for sure how Bessus was executed. The article Now, since you said tree pulling was invented by Romans, I guess it is more likely Bessus was executed in another way. Or, this may imply where Romans learned that.😁
  14. I have too much work these days, but I hope we will soon be able to play some games together.😎
  15. Indeed, Stronghold 1 does indeed have the perfect balance between military and economics - at least when it comes to patient players. I love how economic is fast enough for you to build a massive army during the game, and in the same time slow enough to cripple an enemy in a field battle. In Crusader players recover more easily, troops are more expandable. However, when it comes to AI lords, the same fact mentioned above would make skirmish games against computer less interesting. And so many players just want faster economy. Reminds me of Empire Earth multiplayer; I was stunned when I saw people playing the game in the fastest game speed possible, while I have always liked to play that game patiently throughout the ages (which can last for hours). Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
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