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2nd Jan 2014
Stronghold Crusader
Custom War
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2nd Apr 2014 11:00
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By Lord Vetka

This map is made with version 1.1.

Economic war scenario


Approximately 20 game years

I called it balanced because you should be able to build your defenses as the invaders gets harder.

Invaders will come from 2 sign posts.

Trading Post

So for some reason you thought you wanted to open a trading post!

I do have a piece of land you could use, maybe throw in some gold a few suplies to get you started. There won't be any farms or other resources, you're the market! You will have to trade and make your own goods.

And I should mention that there are plenty of enemies who will want to remove your Trading Post, they will come in steady groups each getting more difficult to repel, your weapons will have to be made by you, starting production early would be wise.

If you can get a hold here and repel the invaders, after 20 years you can finish off any remaining enemy troops for the win.

By Lord Vetka

16th May 2014

I gave to this all the highest scores, and that is certainly not for now reason. The story is pretty nice, map is pretty well made - really fine little map.

Also I like the idea, how in this map you don't have much, but you have just enough to survive, if you have a nice plan how to make it, it is possible. Here you cannot build any farms, stone quarries, iron mines, nor even woodcutters. You need to run the economy very carefully - I like that aspect of this scenario.

There are also some nice, and some bad events that can surprise you, which makes it even more exciting.

This is my castle after the final invasion. :) I don't know if I could say I barely survived it, but I did involve the lord in fight, in order to stop those swordsmen (which, truth to be told, were pretty weak after entering the castle and facing my spearmen). You may see one of enemy swordsmen still laying on the ground! :)

Great work, Lord Vetka!

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17th May 2014

Hi EaglePrince, thank you for playing my map and commenting.

A rating of 5 is pretty cool, it is a challenging map, using the market for all your resources does make you play 2 games, economic and war.

You managed to build an enclosed castle, great, I had a few power players testing this map, non of us used an enclosed castle, I used some wall to direct the enemy, the testers did use a tower or two.

When I had the idea for this map I placed a keep on the ground and gave some gold and tested it and it was fun, so I made the map, I will have to see about making another map like it.

17th May 2014

Rating of 5 is pretty cool, and the map deserved it. :)

Hehe, and of course, I always enclose my castle! 8) And tend not to connect the walls the edge of the map, or river, although sometimes I do attach it onto a cliff. :) Just like I like to play on good looking and natural maps, I also like to build a natural castle. :)