Black Forest

7th Nov 2014
Stronghold Crusader
Stronghold Europe
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11th Oct 2014 11:00
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By Duc Vautour

This is the first map for Stronghold Europe from me. This map were inspired by one of the map from Age of Empire 2 with the same name. It was my favourite map on AOK and i wanted to create my version of it

About this map, this map its a large 8 players map best played with 1 against 7. All of the lords keep are surrounded by a thick group of trees. It has a lot of resources and large enough space for the lords to build a big castle. The resources are fairly balanced i believe. Each lords can build around 3 quarries and 4 iron mines near the stone and iron deposit near their castle. Hope you guys enjoy this map and let me know what you think in the comment section

Regards, Duc Vautour

9th Nov 2014

This does look like a nice map! I like how you used the space to put those seven enemy lords - they all seem to have enough space and resources to give us some nice fight. :)

10th Nov 2014

Thank you for your kind praise Eagle Prince. Although the resource on player's keep(south west) looks has many resources but it actually isn't because of my placement of rocks. The minimap did not looks really good actually. But in game, it looks quite good. I personally feels like it is harder to make a good map in Crusader :)

10th Nov 2014

You said in your description that this is for Stronghold Europe - we do actually have a download category for that, would you rather I moved it there?

10th Nov 2014

Oh yes please. I'm so sorry that i put a file in the wrong section :(

Thank you Lord Chris

10th Nov 2014

No problem, moved to Stronghold Europe :)