Abnar River Valley

28th Oct 2014
Stronghold Crusader 2
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By Lord Vetka

Abnar River Valley

The water slowed it's rush as it reached the low lands of Abnar River Valley, coming down past the stones along the rivers edge, passing 4 keeps before finally reaching the open waters. The stone on the rivers edge will make someone a fine castle, but will be fought over along with the stone in the hills on the NE side of the map.

The sounds of clinking iron mines will not be heard on this map, a little swishing while gathering some pitch or the chopping of trees will be heard and farming will be something everyone will be able to do.

Two sites on the East side are a little close, then the other two sites are set apart, leaving you a bit of room to build while your enemies are planning your demise!

This is a basic 4 player map, play the way you like allied or on your own, but have some fun doing it!

By Lord Vetka

29th Oct 2014

Nice map. Well designed and great ideas in it. I especially like the stone part of the map. I sure will test it out on multiplayer.

30th Oct 2014

Hi Micha!, Thanks for the valued comment.

Glad you liked the map, just a quick map a little basic, playing around with making the stone look good, I like the look of it myself.

That would be great if you let me know how the map played online!

2nd Nov 2014

I don't own my own copy of the game, but I was able to try your map.

As I know how great maps you make for all other Stronghold games, I was sure that this one will be great as well, even though this is your first skirmish map.

I gave 4.5 to written description, as you have described the map really well, although there is no story. It's not that I want to read some story, but I am giving 4.5 because I want to save 5 for those maps with some story. I just meant to make some difference.

The map is playable, I tried it by putting myself in north-west position, and it was a free for all game against 3 AI lords. I lost that battle due to underestimating my opponents. In particular - I underestimated Sultana whose attacks were growing stronger while I was defending with few archers and few spearmen that were on low ground. I started building walls and towers pretty late, and soon I was done. Nevertheless, it was a fun game.

Do I need to say anything about Vetkas landscapes? I think not, but for those who are new to this community - check out all other maps created by Vetka, and you will see what I want to say. They are all great! Vetka has great ideas how to make the landscape more interesting, and he is very patient map maker, so the final result is always great!

I'd also like to say that I like how you designed the entire map, so I am giving you 5 for creativity as well! I like how you made the map - there is one road around the map, and each can move his army only by those roads, while this road doesn't look unnatural at all. You made those roads look like completely natural passages.

Great job, I look forward to see another maps of yours as well!

12th Nov 2014

Hi EaglePrince, I wanted to make a medium size map to see how the fit would work for 4 players, it's just about right when the stone is not in each estate as well as iron.

Going up against 3 enemy Lords can be hard, the Sultana is relentless, add her with 2 more Lords and you get a good fight, I did want to make sure the AIs could all build in the 4 estates and they work well to.

This editor takes some getting used to, but it can be manipulated to make some really great maps, I have made a few more maps since this one, and will be posting one soon, the other map is the joined project with Nigel in the SHC2 forums.

Thank You for the great rating EaglePrince!