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  1. The program I used did not showed this. It just removed it. The anti malware program is called adwcleaner.
  2. I googled malware and followed the steps on a site. The first program I ran helped and solved this problem. Sorry for false detecting this site but strangely it opened the adds everytime I visited this site. Maybe it had something to do with the algorithm the malware used. Anyways, you might delete/close this topic. Sorry again and thanks to everyone.
  3. Seems like I have malware on my laptop, somehow. Might be my fault but I wonder how I got this. Thanks for the help :)
  4. My channel is: https://www.youtube.com/user/Gore166 Pretty old name (acc). I uploaded some songs I could not find on yt back in the days. I do not upload anymore, instead I stream on Twitch sometimes: Micha_kun
  5. Hey, I browsed this website on my laptop and got spammed with adds. Firefox blocked 150 adds (rising) in like 5 seconds. Adblock is installed and I was a none registered user. Anyone noticed this problem? It is just this site I recieved such a problem yet.
  6. I am proud to present part 2 of a mapping series: The End of The Pig - On the Rise The map is part of a little "campaign" and is based on the original from Stronghold. Prolog: "You have been charged to overthrow the Pig's final county by laying siege to his stronghold. You have besieged this castle before but it has since been rebuilt and now has a full garrison so will prove to be a far greater challenge. Our simple direct approach with the battering ram may not now be enough." Description: "We successfully gained the control of the Pig's castle. Our scouts reporting the Wolf troops marching into our direction. You need to build up the castle again and hold it against the waves of Wolfs army!" Note: You will find the map in Singleplayer -> Community Maps Download link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=651927385 Part 1: http://forum.strongholdcrusader2.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1073 Screenshots:
  7. I doubt they still work on it. I provided some ideas which are easy to code on last tournament and they noticed it. Still not done, nor any patch (fixes, etc) since. *EDIT* I asked on stream chat and they said they are working on kingdoms and will start a new game. So I think I am done with shc2. No major patchs (maybe any) will follow and this game still needs them.
  8. Mini dlc keys (please just redeem them if you have stronghold crusader2): Delivering Justice: HJJA2-FX6RE-36ZKD Freedom Fighters: Y29EV-WR8AY-85M0X I recieved them from Firefly but I already have them :)
  9. Gz, sounds nice. Let's see what this will be about :)
  10. Hey, I already finished the dlc. It's pretty easy overall. I just had to think in 2 missions. I believe it was mission 4 or 5 and the one where you have 6 enemies against you. The goal was to build a large tower and put crossbowman on it as fast as you can. The large unit amount will overrun you if you just use archers. I liked that they put an extra mission :)
  11. I just saw two matches and it seemed to be a hard map because of long ways to come to the base of the castle.
  12. Burak played very well. He managed to defend all his sieges. Neil made great progress in the tournament. Firstly, he did not move his units at all. Stream replay 1. round: http://www.twitch.tv/firefly_studios/v/11199775
  13. No problem. I just wanted to report but I'm glad you are aware of it
  14. Hey, I get the following error if I got an uploaded map by me and click on the edit button: The constant PANTHER_ROOT must be defined and point to a valid Panther installation root directory.
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