A Penitent Man

23rd Aug 2014
Stronghold 2
Peace Custom
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By Lord_Chris

Few people have found themselves in the unholy position you're in, chiefly due to most people being smart enough to avoid it. Nonetheless, here you are, unable to even deny or cover up your misdeed. Confession, as you might have imagined, was a bit awkward. However, you are fortunate to have an understanding Priest. Although he had to swallow hard he did manage to come up with a list of labours for you to perform.

"Child," be begins, "as atonement you must prove the following to return to His grace:

1. Prove your Devotion to the Church by building an abbey for her Holy Men.

2. Prove your Bravery by slaying Ursus Major, the Great Bear who has been distressing our people.

3. Prove your Faith in God by baking bread, making wine, and casting candles for His Holy Mass.

4. Prove your Providence by obtaining cattle for the village and swine for the castle.

5. Prove your Wits by bringing salvation to the heretics and harvesting apples from their orchards.

6. Prove your Humility by cleaning the royal stables.

7. Prove your Resourcefulness by making a cloak worthy of His Emminence, the Archbishop.

8. Prove your Loyalty to the King by filling his coffers with gold.

9. Prove your Leadership by commanding a company of Knights to claim the Celestial Chronomicon from the heathens.

Do these things while leading a chaste and pious life, and you will again receive the blessing of God."

Sounds like a plan to you . . .

Note - This map immerses you in a challenging task of time and resource management, and also contains a surprise or two. Length is three missions covering 16 game/years, and plays approx. 60 minutes, depending on speed setting. Difficulty rating is Normal.

This package also contains a mission briefing, a hints file, installation instructions, and a screenshot of the minimap.

This file uses custom messages modified from the path of peace campaign using the custom messages & briefings toolkit, and the map unlocker, and is an excellent example of a scripted map.

This map was made by PWRmad of Stronghold 2 Heaven, and he deserves full credit. A special thanks to him for allowing it on the site! :)