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  1. Hi. The issue occurred in 1.4.1 with every attempt. I've tried setting a siege point, not setting a particular target point or setting it outside of the fortification. The enemy only start properly moving toward the castle if the catapults manage to breach the wall. If the catapults are taken out prior to that, the army either keep standing around or start moving in small groups to get slaughtered.
  2. I actually modded my campaigns to be a little harder, especially the mission 8 where you basically just need to build your forces without any interference. I reinforced Lord Beaufort's castle (it was just a small estate originally) and made him and Hugo Blanc periodically send invasions until they're taken out.
  3. I decided to finish my peace map that I left stalling for a while and I'm having trouble with a final invasion. An army is supposed to assault your wooden fortification but they either stand around indefinitely no matter what I do or they attack in small groups, leaving some of them standing at the invasion point. Apparently, they don't like the closed castle as whenever the siege equipments break the wall, they all start moving. But I don't get why don't they just start assaulting the wooden walls as their weapons can destroy it.
  4. Chris, I said earlier: as soon as I removed a fragment of the moat, they began moving toward my castle. EaglePrince, yeah but he has like 6-8 knights, the rest of his troops are outlaws and others digging units. So, knights aren't his main troops.
  5. Oh, I see now. It's pretty complex and sadly only appears to works on a custom, non-kingmaker map. Seems easier to change the teamcolour file with the teamcrest.
  6. It was a simple kingmaker map. At first, he seemed to try filling the moat, but then, he just stopped. He built some trebuchets which just stood without assembling them and as soon as I removed a fragment of the moat, they began moving toward my castle.
  7. I'm not much of a moat guy, I mainly set up a border against the AI, but since laddermen bugged me for a long time, I decided to make their life harder by surrounding myself with moat. However, when I finished it, Barclay's siege forces paused and he didn't send more against me. At first, he had a high number of outlaws at home which tried to march then changed their minds and went back. When I tested him again, he literally held dozens of siege weapons at home (it made the game laggy to look at his castle) and he patrolled with ballistae and catapults. The rest of the AI had no real problem, they tried to fill the moat during a siege. Anyone else encountered this phenomena?
  8. Thank you. It is kinda disappointing, it's hard to play without properly overseeing the battlefield. Don't understand the persistent colors either (although crest makes it work like the weapon), Stronghold Legend has a very simple color switch, I don't know why was it so hard for Firefly to include to SH2.
  9. Thanks. I tried weapon switch with my first guess aka like the lord swap, renaming the mace into the knight's weapon. It worked and he used it correctly, but just like when I use teamcrest as color in order to change team color, there's a bug. If I view the unit from a certain distance, the mace turns back into sword. Similar bug occurs with the pikemen's original helmet, it disappears when I'm looking at the unit from a bigger height.
  10. 1. It was Edwin's castle (otherwise it wouldn't work at all). 2. Everyone is set to enemy, except the non-present characters (I don't know how it is possible to change the AI's alliance with another AI though without turning it into my friend). 3. Building site only serves as a dummy trigger to have outlaws only join you if you complete an optional quest. It doesn't belong to the estate change stuff. Invasion points: Yellow 1 marks Edwin's castle, Red 1 marks your estate Ownership: If the estate belongs to Edwin, the taking over switching it to me. If I take the estate before that and I turn my former estate into a village, every estate I took will belong to my "friend" which I can change with a click on their "take estate" option. The latter case when I turn my former estate into a village also turns my captured estates into neutral estates. If you want it, I can send the map itself, so it would be more easier to overlook it.
  11. Well, so guy allegedly made it on youtube, but Arthur's sword was glowing red. It would be fun if the lord's equipments would be changable as well, but I'm not very experienced in modding. I mainly wanted to transfer Dietrich, but only his head appeared when I tried, so I sticked to Lancelot, but he was buggy as well. Kinda disappointing.
  12. Well, there isn't much option. The player lords aren't transferable, apparently Lancelot also seems buggy, so I can only play with Mordred who was used as an example.
  13. Maybe, in SHC, it requires more wood I think. In Legends, bow and crossbow worth equal.
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