Witches Urn

  • Witchcraft
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By Crusader1307

A very superstitious Belief which dates to around 1510 AD Germany, a ‘’Witches Urn’’, was said to be an earthen or iron pot, often decorated with various magical symbolism. ‘’Dark Witches’’ would take Their ‘’sacrificial offerings’’ to Their ‘’Dark Masters’’ and place them into The Urn. The ‘’sacrifices’’ were said to be pieces of slaughtered victims (strips of skin, heart, eyes even sexual organs). ‘’Cooked or Boiled’’, during The ‘’Witches Sabbat’’, a Coven would gather and consume them. From these, The Witches would gain specific power with each ‘’sampling’’. Although no real proof exists of sch actions, ‘’Witches Urns’’ can bee seen in many paintings from the 16th thru 18th Century – and may be the ‘’origins’’ of The ‘’Witches Cauldron’’.