''The Merseburg Incantations''

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By Crusader1307

Dated to the 10th Century AD, the modern named ''Merseburg Incantations'' (aka ''Charms'') is a Medieval Germanic collection of Ancient Spells and incantations used by Pagans. It is the only known example of it's type in existence. Many of Pagan Beliefs as studied by Cultural Historians come from the translation of the so called ''Spells''. In reality, The Incantations were possible transcribed from another source in the 10th Century (possibly recorded by a Monk). This would place the ''source'' as being many Centuries older. Later examples from other parts of Europe, all seem to link to this one work giving The Incantations a more common frame with non-Christian Religious as they were practiced. It also establishes a common link with Folk Magics and related. Discovered in 1841, The Work was stored in The Cathedral at Merseburg, hence it's Contemporary name. The original ''Title'' if any, is unknown.