The Lost City of ''Z''

  • Archaeological Mysteries
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By Crusader1307

A long told of Legend, is ‘’The Lost City of Z’’ – was said to be located along The Amazon River in Central Southern America (Brazil). Known locally as ‘’Kuhikugu’’,  it became the obsession of European Explorer. The fabled City Z (taken from the numerical identifier ‘’Zed’’), was claimed to be ‘’made of Gold’’ and pre-dated The Mayan Culture (perhaps being 15,000 years old). Some assigned ‘’Z’’ as an ‘’Outpost of Atlantis’’, and had ‘’wonderous devices of great Scientific worth’’. But The City also had a curse, which stated that the very Jungles would forever ‘’protect’’ The City. A major Expedition was mounted from England in 1925. After a year, no contact or trace of The Expedition was ever found. Later, other Explorers (not looking for The Lost City), found various pieces of equipment and personal items among Native Tribesmen. Most felt that The 1925 Expedition ‘’fell prey’’ to an attack – with The Jungle disposing of the remains ‘’later’’. Others still state that it was The ‘’Z’’ Curse. Of note Satellite photos as late as 2015 do show what appears to be ‘’foundations’’ buried dead in The Amazonian Jungles, roughly in the same area of The 1925 Expedition, bear out ‘’something’’. The Site is seen as too deep into the treacherous Jungles. Perhaps……..