The Kilgore ''Ball''

  • UFO Case Studies
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By Crusader1307

A Couple was driving down a rather remote section of Ball Road, located on the outskirts of The Town of Kilgore, Texas (US). A ''clear night'' in October, 2009, it was as when their vehicle began to round a curve in the road, The Husband had to slam on His brakes. Bothe He and His Wife were startled at the fact that a ''giant, glowing Ball of Light'', was simply ''occupying the road in front''. It was not a ''spotlight from a stopped vehicle (as a Truck), or ''safety light'' (as in construction work). The ''Ball'' was estimated to be ''circular'' and was roughly 25-feet in diameter. The ''glow'' was ''as bright as The Sun''. The Object appeared to be in contact with the road and was not hovering. Unaware of just what to do, The Couple simply stared. After what was thought to be several minutes, as if by ''magic'' – The ''Ball of Light'' just ''winked out''. The Couple would continue their way Home – unclear as just ''what'' they witnessed.