The Iranian Mass Sightings

  • UFO Case Studies
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By Crusader1307

Between April 12-21, 2004 - The Nation of Iran reported to The World, that "strange and mysterious lights", were being reported all over the Country. Not only did thousands see them, but many took photos. Several "Lights" were even filmed by the Iranian State News Agency (EVEN broadcast). The Iranian Lights were seen at all times of the day and night. "Traveling" separately or in pairs, they appeared to be round balls of yellow and white light. Whenever an Iranian Air Force Fighter attempted to get too close or even engage them as a target, The Lights would turn and fly off at amazing angles and speed. After weeks if speculation, Iranian Government Officials joined the "ranks" of the "disinformation factory". They announced that the Objects were American surveillance aircraft (during the day), and the Planet Venus (at night and early morning).