The Coyne Incident

  • UFO Case Studies
  • 3 mins

By Crusader1307

Mansfield, Ohio October 18, 1973. A group of US Army Reservists encountered something unusual in their otherwise routine Drill. The Crew of an Army UH-1H Helicopter (nicknamed The Huey ), were conducting routine flight operations around Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio (US). The 4 man crew were made of of Reservists (part-time Soldiers who train on weekends). Each man had a professional career in civilian life. A Policeman, a Chemical Engineer, a Computer Technician and of course, a Professional Pilot. Between the 4 , they had almost 20 years of flight and Observer experience. Several had served recently in The Vietnam War.


Operating at around 2,500 feet, they were over a mixture of landscape (rolling hills, farmland, small mountains and foothills). At around 10:30 P.M. - the Huey noted a light pattern of to their right. Assuming it was just a commercial flight, the Crew was not alarmed (but the lights did seem brighter than normal by their reckoning). After about 10-miles, the Chopper noted the light pattern had changed to a solid red one. It appeared to be stationary. From their vantage point, the Crew assumed it was a Radio or Television Beacon Tower. After several minutes however, this Red Light started to move! In fact, it was moving towards the Chopper. Closing the distance with the Chopper, the Light cut across the flight path. Initiating an emergency drop in altitude to 500 feet above the ground the Chopper radioed their position and the incident. All they received was static over their radio.


The Light maintained it's course towards the Chopper and suddenly just stopped in mid-air (above the ground and just under the front view of the chopper). The Crew saw what appeared to be a Cigar-shaped Object . As it hovered a Green light or beam of some sort came from it's rear (and slightly behind). This beam hit the ground and appeared to be some sort of anchor . The Chopper began to circle the Object, watching it. They estimated it to be about 60 feet in length. Suddenly, a similar Green light came from the Object and struck the Chopper. The entire inside Cockpit and Crew compartment was bathed in this Greenish light . Nothing adverse happened to any of the Chopper's instrumentation. After several minutes, the light went out. Suddenly, the Object's rear beam went out and the entire Craft began to glow with a bright white . It lifted off from it's hover position , and slightly angled itself (as a rocket). It moved skyward at an amazing speed (possibly 250 knots). The crew estimated it had gone from ground level to about 10,000 feet in altitude in seconds . The Crew further stated that their Chopper bucked in the force wave the Craft made when it speed off. After losing sight of the Object, the Crew re-tried their radio. Contact was established with Military Air Control.


Unknown to the crew of the Huey , at least 10 different reports from civilians in the surrounding area to local Authorities stated that they had seen this strange Object flying. All descriptions were similar to the Crew's report. One report, stated that the same Object had stopped on the Highway in front of the witness. His car lost power. The Object blocked his path briefly, and they took off again skyward (this was after the Army Helicopter encounter). The Army Crew filed their reports. The Case was never explained (and the Crew was never discredited). The only official stance, was that The Government named the Case after the Chopper Pilot Coyne.