The Brownshill Dolmen

  • Archaeological Mysteries
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By Crusader1307

A structural Artifact which defies explanation – ‘’The Brownshill Dolmen’’ is a Neolithic mystery located in Carlow, Ireland. Said to have been dated to 6,000 BC – The ‘’Dolman’’ (or Portal), is said to have been a Chieftain Tomb and ‘’Portal to The Underworld’’ (or perhaps entrance to another Dimension or Realm). The stone blocks weight between 50 and 150-tons in weight. Scholars are puzzles as to just how The Ancients not only quarried, but move and erected the massive stones. Seen by some as Ireland’s ‘’Stonehenge’’, must mysticism is still associated with The Dolman and surrounding land. For Centuries, The Site has attracted Wiccan and Occult Practitioners. The Dolman also seems to ‘’hold’’ sound frequencies, when directly exposed to them – for hours. The Stones contain no metals or other magnetic properties.