The 100 Candle Ghost Story

  • Urban Legends
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By Crusader1307

 Oh, those Japanese! As we have seen, there are thousands of ''Ghost'' and ''Urban Legends'' which have come out of Japan. The Japanese are Masters of Horror and ''gruesome'' revenge tales which the rest of The World marvels at. In their philosophy, ''Good'' does not always triumph over ''Evil''. In fact in most cases, ''Evil'' is the ''Hero'' of a Japanese Ghost Story and Urban Legend (a belief that goes back many centuries). This take us back to The Edo Period (16th thru 18th Centuries). A popular ''game'' them among Nobility was The ''Hyakumonogateri Kaidankai'' or The ''100 Ghost Story Game''. The rules are simple. The Host of The Game, lights 100 Candles – arranged in several equal circles. All other light is extinguished. Guests sit around the circles of candles and begin to tell Ghost Stories. At the conclusion of each tale, a candle is blown out. Subsequent stories are supposed to increase in ''fear and terror'' – with each tale earning a blown out candle. The last ''tale'' told MUST be the scariest. If not, upon the final candle being blown out – the spirits of ALL the stories told that night will go home with the last ''Story Teller'' and enact whatever ''evil'' was in the story. This means 100 continual deaths. The Game is said to be still played today in Japan.