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By Crusader1307

 With His Cult beginning with the 8th Century BC in Ancient Greece ''Apollo'' was one of the ''12 Olympic Deities''. These were Founding Gods and Goddesses of The Universe and Mankind. The Greeks believed that They controlled all facets of Life and Death. As such, They needed to be worshiped and given offering daily. Apollo is unique in that for a period, ALL Gods were associated with Him. This caused His ''early origins'' to be associated with just about ''everything''. Basically, Apollo was The Son of ''Creator God'' Zeus. His Mother was Leto (of Titan origins). Apollo was God of Archery, Healing, Music, Dance, Truth and Prophecy. He was also used to identify Athletics. As such in Art, Apollo is often shown as a ''Young and Beautiful Boy''. He had many associations as stated. In a Prophetic ''Apollo'' He is seen as an Oracle. Knowledge provided by Him was seen as a mean of countering Evil.

In Males it was customary for them to not cut their hair until they ''came of age'' (14 years). This was seen as a form of honoring The God Apollo. Apollo was also linked at times to War. As God of Archery, often Greek Military who fielded Archers ''dedicated'' their weapons to Apollo praying to ''shoot straight and even'' in battle. Medically, Physicians invoked Apollo to ''cure'' ill health especially victims of The Plague. Apollo as also known as ''Phoebus, Bringer of Light'' by later Era Greeks and Romans. The mythical ''Amazons'' also worshiped Apollo one of the few ''Males'' that was.