28th May 2014
Stronghold Crusader
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By Lord Vetka


This map is made to be played a certain way, but you can play it any way you like, it's a 3 player with 2 Arabian outposts and a second exact map with 2 European outposts. You don't get an outpost.

If you want to play the map the intended way, then you should put yourself into the single keep and 2 allied Caliphs across the map, start with a normal game and give yourself 4000 gold, and try not to use the extra powers.

The map has you tucked into a protected area, your enemy will be side by side with 2 outposts together in behind them, the stone and iron are outside of your area and will have to be fought for, you do have a small amount of iron in your area, plenty of growing room and trees.

Happy Extreme Gaming!

By Lord Vetka

30th May 2014

I played this map (version with Arabian outposts) being positioned in the southern position against two Caliphs in the north. This way it is a very exciting map, as each Caliph had his own outpost, and his forces were attacking almost all the time. The map is well designed in such a way that it is relatively easy to defend your farms and basic resources, but it is harder to get more stone and iron. With no fight you may get only few iron and now stone.

The landscape is great, just like in any other Lord Vetkas maps! All fives. :)

31st May 2014

I'm glad you enjoyed the map, the enemy having outposts and you not makes for an intense game.

I figured you would need some protection for your castle and I gave you a bit of iron and let you fight for the rest and the stone.

A rating of 5 on my simple little map is very good, goes to show you don't need an elaborate map to make people happy.

I'm curious about how you will do against some harder European castles, dealing with heavy siege units and Knights can get tricky.