Revolutionary Etude

27th May 2014
Stronghold Crusader
Custom War
No of Players:
Map Size:
File Size:
2.63 MB
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By Strife

Map Objectives:

- Eliminate all opposing forces

File Includes:

- The map itself

- A brief background story

- Quick historical information on the name and music

- Frederic Chopin's Revolutionary Etude

Author's Notes: This map was conceived in February of 2014. It will not take long to play primarily due to the time limit. You will not have any ranged units aside from the stationary ballistae on the ship, which are only helpful to defeat the already-active enemy units marching toward your army. As you can see, there are some very basic and well-known features of music symbols within the map itself. The names in the story also have a slight musical motif as well.

The gates were purposely made so that you can cross them from either side. I had tried this in the original Stronghold, but it turns out that they were basically extensions of walls; if the gate was in a different elevation, no one can walk over it from a wall 17 clicks higher or lower than it.

Additionally, both the player and the AI will have the same colored units. If confusion ever arises, use the minimap to signify the difference. The AI will be in blue whereas the player remains red.

A bit of a glitch may arise as you send your troops past the gatehouse that you must destroy toward the keep. If any unit tries to cross through from a corner, they may get stuck. The more there are stuck in one spot, the more likely it will slow down the game.

The invasion of 0 enemies at year 9999 was set to prevent your units from disappearing upon starting the map.

Special Thanks to:

- Timballisto of Stronghold Heaven for play-testing and providing feedback for this map.

- Bernd Kreuger of for his file of Op. 10 Et. 12.

Originally uploaded to Stronghold Heaven.