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  1. In my once-in-a-blue-moon decision to play again, here's further progress on this map. Since this is now a landscape issue, it might take another 5 years before I wind up touching this again.
  2. You have to use the wooden gate "magic eraser" on wooden towers, where the stairs of those towers are outside of the 3x3 erased box. It's incredibly tedious and not worth doing unless your internet artistic prestige is on the line.
  3. UNFORTUNATELY, my laptop drowned, and I don't have a back-up of anything, so this map was lost in the process. But as expected, I hadn't touched Stronghold too much, so I didn't lose a lot of progress. Here's an up-to-date version starting from scratch again, though: It'll be another ecovasion, but I'm more focused on the aesthetics rather than full gameplay
  4. Well it's about that time again. Gonna announce a map project, then probably get bored and forget. But in the mean time, how about some SH1 eye-candy? From this, you can probably infer that it's going to be an all-wooden castle again. And you'd be right. Yep. I'm going to be going through the 15-second-per-tile masochistic ritual of Stronghold art or something. And in case you forgot; no. You can't just flatten wooden steps, because they'll disappear upon reloading the map. You have to take the sucker off of a magically-erased wooden tower.
  5. No guarantees that I will be working on any unfinished maps from like 287361639617618653815624361 years ago. But if you guys do play my maps, would you prefer them to contain objectives, or be freebuilds?
  6. When the other players enter your game lobby, they will have the option to download your map if they don't have it.
  7. Upload it to a file-sharing site like Stronghold Nation or Stronghold Heaven. Stronghold Heaven's pretty much been dead since 2012, and I don't think people contribute to Stronghold Nation though. So you're very limited in your ability to share maps.
  8. Strife

    Unit limit

    I highly doubt Firefly would patch the game further than an HD release. If anything, the only people who I would imagine would play the first game are niche communities that play for nostalgia. [justify]And these system requirements can give insight as to why your unit cap is 1500:[/justify]
  9. Custom Scenarios is the map editor. Select your map size, don't press ESC. You'll open a blank map that you play can play around with.
  10. Globalization is a touchy subject. Before, we've acknowledged that there were people all over the world. However, now, we have to acknowledge that there are people all over the world with differing points of views. And it's difficult to put into perspective what that's like because people tend to have a hard time to understand how to describe a massive system. For example, could you visually picture something 36,000 km away from you to scale? What about 385,000 km? What most leaders tend to drive at in regards to securing national borders is the return of nationalism, and, almost in a small sense, isolationism. Now, we have historical proof that nationalism was a viable -ism for people to believe in within the last 100 years. But with the advent of the internet, it's so much more difficult to not pay attention to what's going on everywhere else. The world is becoming smaller in that regard, and it's because it's happening so fast that it's hard to keep up. The media isn't to blame for creating international urgency and a sense of hatred among people, rather I'd say that they just stoked the fire caused by lack of awareness, critical thinking, and communication between people. Matthew Steel, don't worry about avoiding calling me out on something. I wrote the article specifically to evoke a response, depending on how someone would interpret the words I chose. If you find that I'm slandering what you believe in, call it for what it is. I may or may not have done so intentionally. The world was never as united as much as it is now. That's not to say that we're all together on this. Rather, what I mean is that people can no longer distance themselves from someone with different viewpoints of a subject matter anymore. The fact that countries and borders exist is proof enough to state that the world will always be divided in some way. However, globalization has helped form a greater unity than before. I'm here in the Midwest United States having a civil conversation with all of you, in Serbia, the United Kingdom, and Western US. And we all know what this topic is about. We understand the context. There's a required sense of unity involved in order for people from different parts of the world to know what's going on in a foreign area. None of what I said should be taken as an absolute truth. My expertise doesn't cover history, politics, economics, or public relations (I'm a chemist). Rather, this is merely my interpretation of an observed world based upon what's going on, and how people are responding to everything that I've witnessed. My thoughts trailed off after maybe the first 20-30 minutes writing this, so I may be missing some points I wanted to touch on.
  11. The world is divided. People are more extreme, everybody hates each other. Globalization is probably the cause for everybody's disdain. Want proof? Look at the United States. You have the living embodiment of anger as the sole leader of the world's super-power. This election caused everyone to move towards polar opposite spectrum of the belief system. It's not even worth having civil discussions anymore, because you're just gonna be called a bigot. ? ? ? Now that I just lied to you, you're gonna realize how dumb the topic question really is. The world isn't divided, people aren't extreme, and nobody really hates each other. It only seems that way. Why? Because people are idiots. Note that I said "People." ? On an individual basis, a person tends to be more moderate in their actions and beliefs, save a few exceptions that will be explained further on. For example, most of you have been to school. How many times have you feared for your lives while sitting in a classroom full of several different people you don't know? What inhibits them from getting up and punching you square in the face? ? So why is it that people are so polarly opposite that riots break out, wars start, and sports teams are cheered for? Yep. That third topic can be explained by the exact same reasoning: People are more predictable and easily manipulated as a group. ? But wait, how can people all over the world be manipulated if they're not all gathered in the same place? Re-read my opening paragraph. Why did I start out with that? Were you upset at either me for describing Donald Trump as a misogynistic bigot? Or are you crying because you're liberal scum and probably want to hide in your safe space and cuddle with your participation trophy and your women's study degree? Now re-read the last two questions and ask yourself why I only gave you those two options and phrased them the way I did. Who else does this? Where have you seen titles or quotes where words were used as weapons to disengage critical thinking and destroy the foundation of communication? I'll give you 5?reasons why you need to be critically aware. Number 3 will shock you! ? 1. All media is biased. Whether you read from your favorite news source that was clearly written to inflate your sense of dignity over your beliefs, or if you just heard it from your roommate, you will never get a story that hasn't been altered in some way or form to prevent any opinions from leaking through.? Now hold on. What if some outside source who truly doesn't have any opinions just documents what happened? Nope. Bias. It is literally impossible to tell a story without bias. Go ahead. Try it. Comment below and tell me a story that hasn't been manipulated in some form. Why is it so hard to do? Because the moment you decide to report on one subject, you'll be leaving another story out. It's simply because you just can't do it all. You're not omniscient nor are you omnipotent, so it's impossible to tell someone everything that happened all at once. The very reason why you decided to tell a story was because you considered it to be important.? Heck, in this forum post, I'm providing questions that I can easily answer just to make you think that I carefully thought it through from all sides of an argument. Besides, which would article would you rather read? "Trump gave speech at convention" with a picture of him waving at the crowd, or "Trump gave Nazi salute after speech" with a carefully timed picture of him with his arm outstretched? ? 2. Mass audiences are idiots. Have you ever been to a sports game, a concert, theater, whatever? When people all around you are cheering, do you have the urge to as well? If you don't, you're an idiot. Why are you even there if you aren't gonna participate? You're just gonna look like a loser for abandoning your team. I mentioned above that people as a group are easy to control. This is why. This is basically like a hive-mind thinking. You're all predictable because in a crowd, people in general don't like to stand out and do something different. ? 3. Extremism will get you killed. I told you that everyone has moderate beliefs. And I gave you an example earlier. People aren't committing mass atrocities every day everywhere because of the inherent result at the end: You will die if you're too extreme. There will always be somebody who disagrees with your way of thinking. If you have too much power, someone will rebel in some way. History is full of examples of one person or group that held too much power. In 1305, Pope Clement V was held in France, in the commune of Avignon, coined "The Babylonian Captivity of the Church." If Crusader1307 hadn't already mentioned it already in his History Articles, guess what most historians tend to agree would never have happened if the Papacy wasn't held in France? I'll give you a hint: It happened right after the Middle Ages. That's right. The Italian Renaissance. Secular beliefs became more prevalent among [wealthy, intelligent] men, and we all know that the Catholic Church had a lot of power, dictating everyone's morals and beliefs. The entire Renaissance, both Italian and Northern, was basically a long time period of a rebellion against the Catholic Church, which couldn't do anything about the Italian Renaissance because they were divided in power for 112 years between the Babylonian Captivity and the Papal Schism. 4. Individuals who know point 2 are more likely to take advantage of this. Which isn't to say that your leader is gonna be Hitler. It just simply means that people who DO want to stand out are the people who lead in the world. This is literally just a separation of leaders and followers. And the most successful leaders are the ones who are capable of manipulating emotion. Emotion is what all media targets because it's an irrational response to what you experience. Because there's no thinking involved, if you can control someone in an allotted time before they begin to question your methods, then you will be extraordinarily successful in selling your idea to the public. This is why people seem to be on opposing ends of the political or belief spectra. Leaders band them together to promote their own ideas to further their agenda. Mostly for profit. 5. Anonymity makes everything so much easier. So I mentioned earlier that nobody's going to commit mass atrocities every day because of extremism. That's part of it. The other part is because they're afraid of punishment. Read Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince. In it, and I paraphrase, he mentioned that a ruler must exhibit some sort of cruelty and vigilance, because if he's too kind, no one will take his laws seriously. But if he publicly demonstrates what would happen if someone disobeyed his rulings, then everyone else will fall into line. I'm aware that The Prince?was written primarily as an observation of the time rather than as a guide. But the example still holds water. But guess what happens when you throw people from all over the world into the internet, where they're capable of communicating? Ever had road rage? Exact same thing. You're more likely to be angry at an inanimate object than you are at another face. Because the internet is generally faceless, even on Facebook you're not communicating with another tangible face, you're more likely to treat everyone as if they aren't real. This is why there are trolls. And how often do you rationally think when you're angry? If you want to manipulate a large audience, prioritize the preceding points in this order: 5, 1, 3, 2, 4 Which isn't to say that any of these points are significantly less important than another. Ultimately, the entire post can be summed up as this: TL;DR: Groups of people are less resilient to manipulation than individuals. The divide and conquer trick has been applied in order to cause people to perceive that the world is ending. But don't fret. It's happened before, it's happening now, and it will continue to happen, but the world is still standing. Humans are creative and adaptive, which is the result of our cognitive abilities.
  12. You can place rocks on those bridges, then delete them so that they retain their altitude should they become destroyed as long as the bridge is 3 squares or larger by width. However, there's a bit of a glitch where if you attempt to cross between wall and land diagonally, many units may become stuck. Sometimes, their path-finding will allow them to circumvent this, but if too many units are on that square, your game will probably start to lag.
  13. Yeah. Once Japan gets its tanks, they'll be working on ships. There was a sneak peak April Fools event earlier this year involving their progress with Naval warfare. I'm not sure about the Italian tree. I haven't read into it
  14. I'm big into alternative rock, like Matchbox 20 and Blink 182. I'll listen to a lot of music except rap, though. I taught myself piano growing up, and have been trying to learn some Chopin pieces lately. I made some progress with Polonaise in A-flat major, op 53 here. The quality is pretty low though, and my phone was set on the piano, so it's pretty bumpy. It's been about 10 months since I started this piece and I've been learning it on and off. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to read sheet music since I was 12, so I use Synthesia now.
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