CivCity Rome Patch v1.1

9th Nov 2013
CivCity Rome
Very Easy
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16th Apr 2023 16:30
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By Lord_Chris

This will update CivCIty Rome to v1.1.

New Features

  • Undo Feature: If you delete a building, instead of it being removed immediately, you will have 3 seconds to right click and stop the action. This is a stackable action in that you can select multiple buildings to be deleted. If you right click while the timer is active, this will only clear the timer and leave you in delete mode. Right clicking once more will clear the shovel cursor as normal. The selection of buildings is on a toggle basis. If you accidentally highlight a building in a large group deletion, all you have to do it click on the building again to deselect it. The timer will reset each time you click a building. If you don't want to wait for the timer, simply hold shift when deleting buildings and they will be removed as normal you can also double click on a building to perform the same action.
  • Camera: You can unlock the camera by clicking on the small icon on the bottom left of the mini map. This allows you to zoom out further (you may notice a slow down on slower machines) and zoom in further. Click on this icon again to return to the original camera. If you wish to change the angle of the unlocked camera you can, within settings select free camera angle: low, medium, high
  • Auto Save: You can setup the amount of times the game will save every game year. This can be set up within the settings menu.
  • Shortcuts keys added:
    • Roads
    • Shack
    • Well
    • Butcher
    • Weaver
    • Warehouse
    • Granary
    • Watch tower
    • Fire tower
    • Delete
  • Mouse Sensitivity: Mouse speed slider has been added to settings menu.
  • Kids Mode: This is a fourth difficulty button that shows up left side of the easy button. In kids mode the bonus for city foundation is +25 regardless of the population. Changed loan system so if they run out of loans, they don't lose. It keeps giving you a loan of 10,000. Regardless if there is a loan set for that mission or not.

Game changes

  • The water system in the game has changed; shacks no longer need to use a well if a cistern is placed.
  • User can now set what food gets used for rations. This can be done by un-checking the tick above the food in the granary menu.
  • Resolution 1600x1200 is now supported.
  • Every wonder will be built in 4 separate stages. Each time 25% of the resource is collected, the wonder will rise out of the ground 25%
  • Trade Ships and trade mules now show icon for which type of good they are carrying.
  • Move and attack cursor now appear when ordering military units to attack in the empire.
  • Changed the legion info on the region map (when you click on a legion) from Prima, secundi etc to centurian, legionaries, velites
  • maller upgrade arrows for auto-upgrade houses.
  • Houses now have an external indicator showing that it is downgrading.
  • User is now warned when overwriting save games, exiting a map and exiting the game.
  • Lions now have background images behind their health bars.
  • Rioters now have health bars.
  • Graphs are added for finance report screens.
  • Map editor now has delete map function.
  • Tool tips for sections in the map editor have been added.
  • Cleanliness of streets meter now reads like all other meters.
  • Resources can be adjusted from the Categories.csv for buildings. If you edit this make sure you backup your original file. Editing this file may make some missions in the campaign unbalanced.
  • Resources required now show in the build menu.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed mouse pointer issue in resolutions 1024x768 and above.
  • Fixed boatyard issue when it would occasion