Stenovite planine

16th May 2014
Stronghold Crusader
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6th May 2014 11:00
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By EaglePrince

Stenovite planine (rocky mountains) is unbalanced map, in which one player is positioned on the large hill, and others are in the valley below the hill, and all (computer) players have enough resources to build up their economy. Here you will be able to fight worthy enemies!

23rd May 2014

I gave this map a try and it keeps crashing on me, it's marked as version 1.1, should it be version 1.2 like the next maps you posted?

I tried this map in version 1.2 and it works fine.

It's a good map, I did find the area for the single keep to be a bit large, and it makes it tighter for the other keeps, having a few small entrances into the single keep is not the best way for me.

The map is laid out well and looks quite natural, your edges could be blended a bit more but not a problem, there are to many resources, more than enough iron and stone, placing farms a little to easy.

Over all a good fun map to play!!!

Hope to see more maps from you.

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5th Jun 2014

Thanks, Lord Vetka. I'm glad you like the map, and thanks for the advices! In fact, I'd say I have already learned some stuff from you, through playing your maps and scenarios. You are making good looking and natural maps indeed.

I hope you have Stronghold Europe as well. If you do, you might take a look into this map I have created. In this map I have placed iron and stone in different way - and iron as well, so i believe it is more natural, than on those older maps of mine.

As about the space for the castle... It is mostly large in my maps, as I tend to make a map that would others in my family gladly play as well, and some of them like building large castle with powerful economy. :)