Iron Hill

16th May 2014
Stronghold Crusader
Custom War
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By Lord Vetka

Iron Hill

On the hill you will find your keep, around the hill you won't find much but there is just enough, your economy will be slow, food hard to get, trees are few and far between, lots of stone only half if you want the iron.

The water that once flowed here left behind a few uncovered rocks and some iron, but now only the wind blows the sand around trying to cover that which once was, and of course the Infidals and Arabians who will do what ever it takes to rid this land of you and your Crusaders, your task will not be easy.

The ease of setting up your defense will be balanced by the lack of resources, your defense will be tested by ever increasing sets of invading forces, and of course there's all of the other little problems that can crop up haha!

So take to the hill and build your castle, it's a tight spot but you can do it, defending won't be to hard at first, but don't waste to much gold on frivolous things, you will need the gold for troops if you hope to get enough iron so you can leave this cursed place.

By Lord Vetka

This map is posted at Heaven Games under the name Sir_Vet and I wanted to post it here as well for your enjoyment.

22nd May 2014

I've just played this scenario, great job, Lord Vetka. :)

Just like youre other scenario, it is playable, and all is well made. It is made so that it is hard for someone to develep just like that, there is always something going on. I like that about this map. Also, although one would think he will make it all really quickly, there are some difficulties, such as lions... So it is a challenge, but it can be done.

But what I like the best here is the landskape. Since I gave all fives to Lord Vetka in the previous rewievs of mine in this download section, I could say landskape on this one deserves a six! ;) It's a small pretty map, everything is natural and good looking... Even the hill where the player builds his castle - it is so natural, there is no complitelly flat tarain on the hill, but still, it is flat enough so player can build this castle. There is not plenty of space on this hill, but it is just enough.

Great job, Lord Vetka!

I will also post some images.

the castle


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23rd May 2014

Another 5 and plus 1,:-) Thank You very much again.

I don't think a map should be a walk in the park although a few people have said my maps are like parks, restrictions can make or break a map.

This is the second Crusader scenario map that I made, "In The Desert" was first and will be posted soon, they are both posted at HeavenGames under the name Sir_Vet.

The castle you made fits in just right, looks good to, I put my first tower where you have the 2 separate houses and add 2 more east of the keep and a bit of wall to protect the stone.

Congrats to your victory, it's not an easy map to win.

I just uploaded a new map for you to tax your brain with, and there are 2 maps.