12th May 2014
Stronghold Crusader
Custom War
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By Lord Vetka


As lord Braden reached the keep at Abatan the sun was high, he could see the fertile land heading down to the river, the islands might even have a bit of pitch, trees in small groves and well past the river there looked to be some stone and looking to the north iron was showing it self in the hills.

Lord Braden new that the locals would not be to keen on having him here, and here come a few now, best get some weapons made, figure how we will protect this camp, two sign posts will cause a bit of trouble, the resources available should see us through.

The locals will come in slowly at first then their numbers will grow until the final battle, if you work to slow the enemy will overtake your camp, fungus will kill your trees, fire will spread through your camp, lions will invite them selves, keep your peasants fed and give them some ale and you should be fine.


By Lord Vetka

19th May 2014

I've played this scenario yesterday, and I like it pretty much! As I said before, I haven't been playing scenarios before, but these ones made by Lord Vetka really interested me in playing them.

In this map you do have almost all resources around the castle - there is some iron, enough oasis, and also some wood. The only resource you will surely miss is stone - you cannot trade for stone, and if you want it, you would need to build the stone quarries across the river to get it. But still, it is all enough for someone to defend from Arabian attacks and prevail. (I won't be writing here, as I don't want to suggest to anyone how to play this one).

Landscape of the map is great, just like in all Lord Vetkas maps. (as I can conclude till now)

You may take a look at my castle from this mission, if you like.

picture 1

picture 2 - victory

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20th May 2014

Another 5, great, Thank you very much.

Thanks a lot for posting pictures as well.

I see you know how to deal with fire, you must have sent an army of wood cutters out there, the land is clear:-)

When I test a map I only use troops to defend, I leave the pitch and traps and the rest to you to play with, I hope that the map was not to easy, the moats can do that.

I will be posting more scenarios to test you with, some of them are very hard, some to easy.

I see you make good skirmish maps, have you tried making a scenario?

20th May 2014

Hehe, I must admit that I did send lots of woodcutters - I needed wood desperately! :)

No, I think the map was not easy. In fact, I didn't make in my first attempt, and I got killed during the last attack at my castle. But second time I was playing I was running my economy in different way, and I saw what I was missing in my first attempt.

It will be my pleasure to test those maps.

Thanks! In some moments I was interested in making some scenarios, I had some ideas, but I never made one.