12th Apr 2014
Stronghold 2
Peace Custom
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By Lord Vetka


We just wanted a peaceful castle, would have been fine except for the darn bandits set up in the south. Not to sure of what we can do to deal with these bandits, we are loosing to many buildings and time we can't afford.

In order to get the villages we need to complete our goals, the bandit camp has got to go, to do that we will need gold, maybe if we can get some extra wood and some stone coming in we can buy enough spears to put an end to the bandits.

This will not be an easy task, we need iron to make the needed weapons for the tribute, pitch is going to be another challenge and take down the bandit camp as well. We can't leave these goals, without them the needed buildings won't be available, better than to easy I guess.

Getting 2500 in gold will not be easy, getting 2500 in honor is going to be a little harder, doing it in the allotted amount of time...

By Lord Vetka

I was bored and wanted to make myself a small eco map to play around with, it turned out to be a fairly challenging map so I thought I might as well post it for you guys to work your brain for a few hours.

These maps are free to download, I would like to see some comments about my maps, there is a lot of extra work involved to post the maps I post, all I'm asking for is some feed back from the people that download and play my maps. more feedback, more maps!

If you don't like what I'm posting, tell me what you would like and maybe you will get it.

4th May 2014

Normally I'm not one for peace custom maps, but you've done a great job with Appy.

The conditions are not too hard (considering some of your maps) :), it's a nice easy almost free-build scenario that personally I recommend for anyone who is new to the game. You have to watch the outlaws at times, but generally, it's a really good scenario that would prevent new users from rushing into the game and falling into the same trap I did; I went straight from the tutorial to a Kingmaker battle, so it was slightly too much for someone completely new!

With this map, it provides a way for players to learn how to control a castle without having much interference from other factors. It will show people how to get a castle economy up and running very quickly with all the necessary parts and it's very good.

Almost like a game campaign really, as good as. I see you also tried to keep certain parts of the terrain similar to your Arden one - good job there it looks just as good as ever. In fact, on one part of it I actually thought I'd loaded the wrong map the terrain was that similar! ;)

A good use of shrubs and bushes was also there, as well as excellent scenery and terrain.

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6th May 2014

I like to play a peace map on occasion, making a small peace map is not to hard to do, this map is rated hard because it's a peace map and does have a bit of a challenge to it.

After a while you will find my terrain style stays the same in most of my maps, I should change that up a bit, and the editor is limited in what type of shrubs you can place.

I have a tutorial at HeavenGames SH2 that tells you how to play a Kingmaker map with no AI and every thing working like a Kingmaker, and a map called "Sea to Sky" with lots of estates to go with it.

There is a new peace map on my hard drive, when it's done I will post it here as well.

Happy Gaming!

6th May 2014

The editor is very limited you're right, you can only add certain types of terrain, shrubs and general stuff like it. It does have a challenge, but the outlaws are easily killed with your lord. That's what I've learned. Then, you can heal him by your Apothecary.

I have a tutorial at HeavenGames SH2 that tells you how to play a Kingmaker map with no AI and every thing working like a Kingmaker, and a map called "Sea to Sky" with lots of estates to go with it.

Already added it for you under your name :)

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