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Mordred Campaign

8th Oct 2022
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20th Nov 2022 22:35
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By rfortuna

Campaign inspired by the game "King Arthur, Knight tales". No spoilers on the story, just the universe.
Mordred and Arthur killed each other, ending the war that ravaged Britannia. But it looks like this is just the beginning of another equally terrible war. Play as Mordred risen from the dead in Avalon, a kingdom in another world, almost identical to the island of Britannia. This "second life" on the other side will allow Mordred to finally reign. Meet Viviane, Guinevere and many others, make your allies or persist in the path of power. A new world awaits you, Mordre, son of Morgana


1 Prologue

Strange sensation that death. My last memories, my blade piercing the flesh of my enemy, Arthur King of Britannia, and Excalibur plowing my entrails.. Then nothing, nil, at least that's what should have been. I wake up, the stone is cold on my back. I am in a crypt, alive. Then an appearance, Viviane the Lady of the Lake, a striking beauty. She tells me that I am dead and that I am in Avalon, another world identical to Britannia but much darker.. She tells me that she needs a champion because evil is at her doorstep, how ironic . Slowly I walk out of the crypt, here I am in Camelot, at least its twins in Avalon. Bandits loot the dungeon.. I thirst for blood, and I always satisfied my thirst during my lifetime..



2 King of Avalon

Camelot is finally mine, at least what's left of it. I release servants and knights from its jails. Gawain, Bors and others, they were my enemies but Here in this Hell that is Avalon they have the choice, to serve me or die a second time, definitively. Viviane hastens me to rebuild and impose my yoke on her land, I feel that she does not tell me everything.. I remember that there was a quarry not far away but this version of Britannia is so counterfeit. I feel a harmful presence but the call of power is stronger. The former vassals of Camelot are tearing each other apart for Avalon and already want to dispute my power. Never mind their second death and nothingness awaits them.



3 Guinevere

As the chaos of the battle ends, Viviane appears to me once again, she tells me about the threat. The Midnight Knight, the one who sent this detachment of dark warriors to attack MY kingdom, slaughter MY people. I knew this voice, my Viviane remained silent on this subject. She ordered me to go find Guinevere, also present in Avalon, and attacked by the forces of Midnight. The Knight Bedevere has their head, far from his past glory, now gigantic abomination of putrefied flesh. I gathered my strength to go rescue the Lady who precipitated the fall of Camelot, after all I owed her that much.



4 The cup of hope

As Bedevere bit the dust Guinevereâ€â„¢s troops broke through, led by the armored queen and Sir Percival, cutting through the routed Midnight minions. Glacial gaze, barely perceptible thanks. Failing to appreciate each other, we had a common enemy. The queen reveals to me what I feared and what Viviane had hidden from me. Bedevere was in Arthur's service during his lifetime and in the other world as well. The Midnight Knight was what Arthur had become when he arrived in Avalon. A monstrous alter ego with an insatiable hunger for power. It was then that Gareth came at a gallop, pursued by Arthur's henchmen. After saving him, he tells me that the Grail is also in Avalon, in Castle Carbonek of this strange world. He assures me that Arthur is currently subjugating the fairy peoples of Avalon and that it is now or never to seize them before Arthur.



5 Excalibur

Traitor, cursed Traitor. Gareth paid with his life during the assault. My vassals barely survived the trap of the Midnightâ€â„¢s minions. The Grail has disappeared of course, Arthur must already have it in his possession. If Arthur possesses the power of the Grail I fear my reign will be short-lived. Viviane explains to me that this version of the Grail is the exact opposite of what Arthur was looking for when he was alive. She tells me there is a solution. And that solution is in her old domain. With the death of Arthur Excalibur also found itself in Avalon and it found its place of origin, in the city of the Lake. Alas Lancelot his protege, become a hideous representation of his sins, to claim the City of the Lake. With Guinevere, my knights, and the meager strength I had left, I set off in sight of the once glorious lakeside city, Arthur's minions on the heels.



6 The Midnight Knight

The pitiful creature that became Lancelot was defeated and sent to the bottom of the lake, chains on his feet. Now in possession of Excalibur I could kill my enemy. Alas, that would have to wait, the druids in Viviane's service informed me that the fairy  people had fallen and that Arthur was already using their magic portal to attack my Camelot from behind. The spirit grove south of the castle is already teeming with foes, and Arthur's dark hounds are already on their way to ravage our fields. I must quickly return to Camelot and prepare the defenses. On this fight depends the crown and the domination of Avalon.



7 Through the Portal
This is an unexpected victory! Arthur's mindless troops were crushed and he retreated through the fairy portal. Without waiting I set off in pursuit, wanted to take advantage. What strange magic is that of the fairies. But I arrived safely on the other side. The homes of the Fairies were devastated, I set up our camp in the ruins of the village, ready to melt on the hill where Arthur had gathered these last forces. Alas, there was one last obstacle before fulfilling my destiny. Galahad, at the head of the Christians who died in Avalon, intended to purify this lands. He had narrowly missed exterminating the fairies, but he would settle for his former pagan king and me. The now corrupted faerie lands were not conducive to expansion and I was going to have to ship resources from the portal, it would be extremely costly for the kingdom. It was a fight on two fronts that was announced and the outcome remained very uncertain.



8 Immortality

It's the end, the Christians have been pushed back and Arthur is defeated, he has retreated to the heart of the caves under the fairyl dungeon. Armed with Excalibur I intend to face it alone. Heâ€â„¢s there, the Grail in front of him. The majestic cup filled with evilness but also with immeasurable power. With the Grail and Excalibur, nothing could stop me. I would rule Avalon for centuries. Should I instead destroy him and relinquish his powers? I don't know what to do.. For the moment only one thing matters, to tear out the heart of this evil Arthur and put a definitive end to this war.



9 Epilogue (with Grail)

I almost thought I saw gratitude in Arthur's eyes as I brought Excalibur down on him. It's over, Avalon is mine, and especially the Grail. I did not have the will to destroy it and I let myself be overwhelmed by its power. I left the dungeon, Arthur's head in my hand and surrounded by the dark aura of the Grail. A war had just ended but another was about to begin. My allies wanted to kill me, fearing a new Midnight Knight.

This is why 3 months later I find myself here, facing the armies of Perceval, Guinevere and the elite knights of the Lady of the Lake. The last battle before my reign of Peace is about to begin. Viviane probably made a mistake in choosing me, but don't worry, once her body is at the bottom of the lake and my opponents are exterminated, her precious peace will finally see the light of day.



9 Epilogue (No Grail)

I almost thought I saw gratitude in Arthur's eyes as I brought Excalibur down on him. It's over Avalon is mine. As for the Grail I also brought down all my fury on him, the unholy object was destroy and he sank in the infamous quagmire of the fairy caves. Arthur had the right to a funeral worthy of him for his second death. I gathered my advisors, Guinevere, Perceval, Gawain and Bors to discuss what happened next.

The last obstacle to peace so desired by the Lady of the Lake had to be eliminated. I was told disturbing rumors that Galahad had found the body of the White Knight, legendary Champion of the Christians. No doubt that with the magic present in Avalon he would succeed in bringing him back to life. So I was leading my army for a final fight. A fight for peace and for the triumph of the ancestral Faith.

20th Nov 2022

The campaign is superbly detailed and the maps are amazing. Thanks so much for uploading!