Bear and Oil

19th Aug 2021
Stronghold 2
Custom War
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By JustAVillager

Welcome to the land of bear! we call it like that because of the big brown bears in it this land is pretty dangerous becuase of bears poisened plants and olaf's mans everywhere but maybe you can solve the olaf problem oh yes you can you already came to this land and took a land for yourself theres some iron wood and stone to build a castle with when you made your castle and your army go take the estates that olaf own in bear lands you will decrease his power by taking those lands after you took all 3 estate of olaf then you must attack his castle and kill him after you killed him the king will be happy and upgrade your rank you will enter mission two this mission is the land upside bear land named 'oil land' this time because of fetch feilds in it we call it like that this land is also dangerous because of wolfs and bandits the king is also came there with you and his building his castle in the oil land his trying to capture the land and make it himself the only problem that wont let him do this is hawk his quite strong and his pikemans wont let the king's swordmans to patrol the oil land plus he took sit grey to his castle and prisoned him you must send your mans to first solve the first problem that is the bandits they have a camp near the river that is the zone of bear and oil land and they keep making mans and attacking castles near there after you destroyed their camp you must attack the hawk's castle there his castle is heavily guarded and its hard to rescue sir grey thats why the king will give you the best rank after doing this favor for him in mission 3 everything is fine in that land and the king is enjoing being there you too until lord barcley attacks with his best army to you and the king if he dies you lose if you die you also lose if sir grey dies you lose too so make enough army and defend your lands and your allies from they hope you guys enjoy!


about the game: i worked hard for 7 days on this game so im sure its pretty debuged i also added some details to it and made it more 'alive' because the king keep creating army and sending them to patrol area the bandits keep attacking everyone the wolves also attack the hawk's pikemans attack and kill the king's mans and try to attack his castle the king also attacks the hawk olaf also keep attacking you totally its dynaminc i also added some easter eggs if you found some comment below what is it! hope you enjoy!

15th Sep 2021

Hm, just beforehand. Will this work with 1.4.1? It says its made with v1.2, which suprises me a little bit. Thanks for your hardwork and effort anyway! love to see modders still active for this game.

18th Sep 2021

I dunno it maybe works you can try and if it worked and you played it pls tell me how you thought about it thank you