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  1. download link: https://www.transfernow.net/dl/drivegoogle info: cetagory: modifications submision name: stronghold crusader night mod game version: 1.0 description: This mod gives realistic feeling to the Stronghold map during night time, you will see and hear quite ambience during night gameplay, owls, crickets, no children and parents noises and rest of daily activity. Sounds of them are replaced or muted, images erased. Have fun sneaking and invading someone's castle during cold windy nights in desert. preview image: dificulity: (i dont know just select one yourself) balanced: N/A missions: N/A no of players: N/A map size: N/A thanks so much upload it pls sorry i didn't really manage to make that drive work so i shared it with another site dont worry its not a virus pls trust me
  2. how should i do that? i mean i dont know this is my first time working with google drive can you pls tell me how should i do that?
  3. how abut i upload it to a file sharing site and give the download link to you? and i also give you the information of hen youre uploading it add to it for example the description or these and you upload it tnx so much heres the link go download it from there and tell me when you was ready for upload i'll give the info and you upload it for me then link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IeRkMGR96EKiamMTng_3YEP5-EQmPFwN/view?usp=sharing oh and by the way you still didn't said whats that thing in stronghold 2 pls tell me i really wanna know if you dont know what is it say i dont know this thing
  4. can i pls email it for u and you upload it for me pls?
  5. Im done working on stronghold crusader night mod and its ready for upload now but 4 days ago I tried to upload it to the downloads hub I gave all the info and tap on upkosd buttom it showed a loading icon in the screen I thinked: maybe because it wad 62mb sized its uploading now but one hour later it was still in that loading screen why? Pls help me I worked really hard on the mod I want it to? Be released with no problems
  6. well the mod is now avaliable for download but its still the beta version and at early access so you might see some visual bugs in it but the mod have realistic sound effects lightning for almost every texture in the game and things like that but the bad news is that the mod dosen't have a day-night circle system i mean it wont switch automaticly between day and night so you have to replace some files in your stronghold crusader directory to switch to night and youre gonna undo the replace action to turn it to day again HOW TO INSTALL THE MOD: just download the zip file from here: part 1: <removed> part 2: <removed> when you downloaded it extract it and copy the files in night folder into your stronghold crusader directory and replace them dont forget to create backup from your stronghold crusader files before doing this hope you enjoy!
  7. thankies!! hope i deserve all these thanks from you the beta version will be soon avaibaile for download
  8. im working on a mod that adds night enviorment to the game the mod isn't originaly made by me but the original version wasn't already in this forum so i worked a little more on the mod and added some new features and optimizations to it and heres a photo from how it looks like the beta early access version will be available for download very soon
  10. what is this thing in here and what it does? pls tell
  11. thanks for your help but i got no problems with move ship and invasions both work well the main problem is with the move lord in mission 2 that isn't working
  12. its a month ive uploaded it to the download lab and it hit 20 downloads but no comments added to it can you guys try it and answer tot his topic and tell me how did you think about it? thank you (lord chris you also answer how you think about it here)
  13. Sorry but I didnt know in winch forum should I post this
  14. Thats all I had to say tnx for reading

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